Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Special Delivery

One of my duties as an artist is to ship and or deliver paintings to the galleries that represent me.  Today I will be delivering six paintings to the Roby King Gallery on Bainbridge Island about a fifty mile drive from here.  I will be participating in a group show that will be opening there on April 5th.  For most deliveries I like to bundle my paintings for easier handling and safer transport.  I stack them, according to size, face to face and back to back with strips of foam core for spacers.  I then wrap them together with stretch wrap (the neatest tool since the invention of duct tape!)  It is quick and easy and they are now better protected and much easier to cart down the street or up and down the stairs to my studio.

I also use a wrap around the edges of some of my finished studio paintings when in storage.  It gives a little protection to the corners and edges and helps cut down on the inevitable road rash that just suddenly appears after they have been hung and rehung at various shows and gallery walks.  But alas, even after careful handling and stretch wrapping  the bruises are still most likely to show up on the paintings that need to be delivered asap.


  1. Hey Don! I'm loving your blog - this is such a good idea!the plastic wrap thingy - will have to check out for myself!

  2. What a great idea. I'm taking 25 paintings to a show next month and have been mulling over ways to protect them from damage, especially since they are all wired for hanging and that seems like a built in scratching device. I appreciate this. Your timing is perfect.

    Good luck with your show, Don!

  3. It sure is the neatest tool! Paintings are rather delicate objects, and you don't want your works ruined while in transit. These stretch wraps make handling them much easier. It's great that more people are trying this out! Thanks for sharing!

    Clay Delgado @ World Packaging