Friday, February 16, 2018

Ventana Gallery

I am excited to announce that my art will be represented by the prestigious Ventana Gallery located on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I gained acceptance into this  gallery early in February and recently shipped three of my newest paintings that will be hanging with the likes of John Nieto and Rebecca Tobey! You can check it all out at

Early Start 40x30

Restoration Complete 30x40

Spring Creek 48x36
These are the paintings that are now on display and may be purchased from the Ventana Gallery!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Port Townsend Film Festival poster painting

I was asked to create an image for the 18th annual Port Townsend Film Festival poster. The festival is a huge event held in mid September and attracts film lovers from all over. The finished painting depicts the closed off street with the blow up screen and the mesmerized viewers perched on hay bales bathed in the evening light of the Rose Theatre.

The painting was sold the night of the banquet when  it was unveiled and now hangs in the lobby of the Rose Theatre.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Mainstreet Gallery

On the move, again! It's Done! After a month of remodeling our new space, we have officially opened the new gallery and studio in the Flagship Landing here in Port Townsend. This will be my permanent studio and gallery for a while. Stop by and check us out!

We are located at 1015 Water street in the Flagship Landing. This door is the entrance to the gallery as you walk into the mini mall. very accessible and inviting.

It is a bright, clean, happy space to display art. We installed some great lighting and the paintings look great! This is the view as you walk through the door and enter the gallery .

It is a smaller space than I am used to but there is ample room to step back and enjoy each painting.

This space will be my new studio where I can work on some of the commissions that I recently acquired. it will be a nice place to paint, I even have a sink!

It is exciting to have room to display my larger works. The Madrona piece is 6 foot tall and 8 feet wide! 

I can even display some of my connected pieces. Each panel of this series is 24"x48"

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Painting large

This madrona tree series is made up of five custom made panels. Each panel is 72 inches high and 18 inches wide. The panels are cradled two inches deep so I continue the look by painting a "gallery wrap" around the edges of each panel and they look very impressive hanging with a one inch gap between panels.

Reaching Out, acrylic on panels, 72x90

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Fields and Fences

I have been busy painting a new series of my "Fields and Fences."  Here are a couple that I just recently had photographed. It is fun playing with some new color combinations. I am intrigued with shapes and the fields and roads can be whimsically manipulated in so many ways!

Around the Bend, acrylic on canvas 36x36

Morning Light, acrylic on panel 36x36

Friday, February 26, 2016

Summer "Pop Up" Gallery

 Well, it is official. We will again be occupying the lower corner space in the historic Hastings Building for our "839 pop-up Gallery" in downtown Port Townsend.. This is an awesome space. It has fairly good light, high ceilings and the art shows very well. I am again partnering with Jim Jacobson another local artist who works with oils and creates popular local and marine scenes.

We will be moving in the first of April and staying through the summer. I am looking forward to meeting all kinds of fun and exciting people and talking about art.  And, hopefully, we will be shipping a few paintings to new locations around the country.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Roby King show

I am excited to announce that fifteen of my newest paintings will be on display at the Roby King Gallery on Bainbridge Island. My art will be featured in a one person show for the month of August. 

This is the postcard front and back that was featured along with a short article in the current August issue of American Art Collector.

This painting is a good representation of what you will see at the newly remodeled Roby King Gallery if you should happen to stop by in August. I created these works especially for this show so they are brand new. Here is a link to the gallery  where you can check out the rest of the work.

"Dappled Shadows" 48x60 acrylic on canvas