Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Fields and Fences

I have been busy painting a new series of my "Fields and Fences."  Here are a couple that I just recently had photographed. It is fun playing with some new color combinations. I am intrigued with shapes and the fields and roads can be whimsically manipulated in so many ways!

Around the Bend, acrylic on canvas 36x36

Morning Light, acrylic on panel 36x36

Friday, February 26, 2016

Summer "Pop Up" Gallery

 Well, it is official. We will again be occupying the lower corner space in the historic Hastings Building for our "839 pop-up Gallery" in downtown Port Townsend.. This is an awesome space. It has fairly good light, high ceilings and the art shows very well. I am again partnering with Jim Jacobson another local artist who works with oils and creates popular local and marine scenes.

We will be moving in the first of April and staying through the summer. I am looking forward to meeting all kinds of fun and exciting people and talking about art.  And, hopefully, we will be shipping a few paintings to new locations around the country.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Roby King show

I am excited to announce that fifteen of my newest paintings will be on display at the Roby King Gallery on Bainbridge Island. My art will be featured in a one person show for the month of August. 

This is the postcard front and back that was featured along with a short article in the current August issue of American Art Collector.

This painting is a good representation of what you will see at the newly remodeled Roby King Gallery if you should happen to stop by in August. I created these works especially for this show so they are brand new. Here is a link to the gallery  where you can check out the rest of the work.

"Dappled Shadows" 48x60 acrylic on canvas

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The eyes of the beholder

Last Spring I had cataract surgery on both eyes. Because the actual surgery only takes about ten minutes and is "relatively" painless, I decided not to have the anesthesia during the left eye procedure so that I could remember the experience. As I lay there during the process trying to squelch my panic I focused on the almost painful bright light and the image I was seeing/experiencing. I thought, wow, this would make a great abstract painting so I began to make mental notes of exact colors and tried to find shapes in all the brightness. As soon as I was wheeled to the recovery room I found a scrap of paper and scratched a few notes before the memory began to turn fuzzy. When I got back to my studio I chose an 18"x18" stretched canvas, dug out my notes and proceeded  in my attempt to capture the shapes and colors from my experience. On my next trip to the doctor who performed the surgery I carted my painting along with me. He was amazed that I followed through with such a bizarre undertaking and was so enamored with the work that he purchased it that very day! They convinced me to try the right eye with a small amount of the anesthesia and I felt certain that I could make another painting to compare to the left eye. Well, guess what? Whatever the drug is that they use works even in small doses, I couldn't remember ----!

"Cataract" 18x18 acrylic  on canvas
This is the finished painting. I am happy with the result and it does bring back the experience. I am disappointed that I was not able to recall enough detail from the right eye surgery because I was really looking forward to comparing the two paintings.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Dark or light?

When I begin a painting I usually start with a black gessoed canvas or panel and draw my shapes in with chalk. It can take hours to get the drawing right but it is easy to erase with a damp sponge and redraw and adjust the chalk lines until the composition works.

I then start layering and glazing with color leaving the black of the background visible in selected areas kind of like a watercolor artist uses the white of the paper to represent the light areas.  They work from light to dark and I paint  from dark to light, just the opposite.

Evening Hues 20"x40"
"Evening Hues" is painted on a black background and the colors are very saturated and bright.

Sunrise in Lavender 30"x40"
On occasion I will start a painting on a white or lighter colored background. Sunrise in Lavender is painted over a white background and you can see the dramatic difference in the final result. The colors end up softer with an ethereal feel.

Monday, April 28, 2014

May in Olympia

Nine of my newest works will be showing during the month of May at the Childhood's End Gallery in Olympia, Washington. My art will be featured along with that of four other artists.

"Meet Me for Lunch" 24"x24"
Check out their website at The exhibit will be up through May 31st. If you are in the area stop in and have a look at this great gallery!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Necessity and invention

We all know the saying......Well, here is my invention created out of necessity.
Most of my paintings are created using Golden brand fluid acrylics. I buy the colors in 16 oz. plastic cylinders with squirt top lids. I built a shelf on my easel where I set the containers while I was painting but it was very unhandy. They were constantly falling over and the one I wanted was always hiding behind the others. One night I was searching the cupboard for late night snacks when I noticed my wife's spices neatly arranged on this little merry-go-round. A light bulb ignited and I went to my drawing board to design a similar contraption that would hold my colors and the Paint-Go-Round was born!
It works great! I mix my colors in recycled yogurt containers that I keep stacked on the shelf and my jar of brushes and rinse water is nearby! Happy Painting!