Monday, April 21, 2014

Necessity and invention

We all know the saying......Well, here is my invention created out of necessity.
Most of my paintings are created using Golden brand fluid acrylics. I buy the colors in 16 oz. plastic cylinders with squirt top lids. I built a shelf on my easel where I set the containers while I was painting but it was very unhandy. They were constantly falling over and the one I wanted was always hiding behind the others. One night I was searching the cupboard for late night snacks when I noticed my wife's spices neatly arranged on this little merry-go-round. A light bulb ignited and I went to my drawing board to design a similar contraption that would hold my colors and the Paint-Go-Round was born!
It works great! I mix my colors in recycled yogurt containers that I keep stacked on the shelf and my jar of brushes and rinse water is nearby! Happy Painting!

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  1. Hi Don! This is so smart and totally intuitive. Great idea.