Sunday, April 7, 2013

Why is the sky blue?

As I am painting I find working with cloud colors and sky colors very intriguing so I went to the Internet for some information.  I found some very interesting reading and scientific explanations about scattered  light waves and spectrum analysis.  This was all very enlightening but as an artist I think the main thing I need to remember is that atmosphere has no color.   If I am trying to influence the mood of a painting with atmosphere I need to be aware that weather conditions and pollutants influence the color.  Water vapor and solid particles affect visibility and the amounts are a good indication of weather conditions and determine which colors we will see in the my head hurts.

Storm on the Horizon  36"x36" acrylic

Prairie Sky 40"x60" acrylic

Prairie Heat 20"x40" acrylic

Storm Chaser 20"x16" acrylic


  1. 'storm on the horizon' is a wonderful painting - I love that even the house is bracing - and my fav, some of your trees :))

  2. I admire your skies so much, Don. I can't get comfortable with skies. I can see I need another trip to Washington. :)

    These paintings are wonderful and your skies speak volumes!